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American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

Pupil Activity Validation (PAV) | Approved Provider, OHIO

Need PAV and CPR Certifications?

Sports Medicine Courses for High School Athletic Coaches


Courses Overview

Ohio Department of Education Approved Provider of Pupil Activity Validation Permits and American Heart Saver CPR courses for Athletic Coaches for the State of Ohio.


Sports First Aid Course/PAV Permits

This course will cover injury recognition, RICE Principles, emergency procedures, school district policies on injury management, how to manage and care for athletic related injuries and conditions when the Certified Athletic Trainer is not available.


American Heart Saver CPR courses for High/ Middle School Athletic Coaches

This course offers hands-on skill training from recognizing an emergency situation, following the Emergency Chain of survival, application of chest compressions for the adult and child victims.  This course also includes instruction on: clearing an obstructed airway (responsive and unresponsive victim) and use of the AED.



One can sign up for PAV course through Anita M. Beauchamp, LAT/C at (513) 470-8258.  Willing to travel to facility to give course for 5 or more coaches in staff.  Special Group Rate will be given for 6 or more Athletic Coaches on staff.

American Heart Saver Course: Adult, Child and AED for Athletic Coaches will be offered through CPR Cincinnati.

Call Anita Beauchamp at 513-470-8258